Reiteration of Patch Goals and Leaderboard reset

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Battlegrounds has been out for a few months and a big new patch has been announced. Additionally to the patch, the team of PUBG reiterates the goals of all the weekly and monthly updates that have been made until now.

Critical bug fixes and other improvements such as the upgrade of anti-cheat system are made in weekly patches. Monthly patches are responsible for client improvements, enhancement of server performance and for new game contents. The next monthly patch is scheduled for the 25th of May. This patch will be focusing on the client performance. In June, the patch will focus on server performance and the reduction of lag.

The leaderboards will be wiped on May 31st and new leaderboards will start on the next day. After the introduction of the new leaderboards all previous stats will be made available publicly, which means you do not have to worry about losing your previous stats.

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