Team Talos ranked in 99Damage Division 5

POSTED BY Ahava 03.12.2016 in League News
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After being founded only two weeks before the start of the 99Damage League we’re proud to announce that we’ve made it to Division 5. Our roster has changed a lot since we’ve started considering to play in the league and I would like to thank everyone who participated in the league.

Our latest roster:

  • Ahava
  • cyPat
  • EpiXKills
  • FQn
  • schatten

All of the people who participated:

  • Fin
  • Flendurs
  • General Siver
  • getdownChris
  • Hendrik
  • Maddy
  • selfrepair

As we’ve met a lot of talent while playing and also started to cooperate with Team Phobos we’re now able to support additional teams. with the new seaons we’re happy to announce to have a set of three teams. One main team consisting of the best players and two teams for our aspiring talents, so you can expect some roster changes in the near future. We’ve already started to practice together with Team Phobos to see which player fits which team best.

Check out our game servers and see you in the next season!

Team Talos

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